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Joe Lynch Electrical have been providing quality electrical lighting services in Dublin and the surrounding counties for over 30 years. We service all your interior and exterior lighting systems needs no matter how large or small they are. We can specifically suit your lighting needs to achieve maximum energy conservation for your system and the best result visually. Energy efficient lighting will save you money on your monthly lighting bill. In addition to our maintenance plans we offer repairs, installations, relamps and upgrades for all types of lighting and for any size business.

Interior lighting is crucial for your customers to be able to see your products properly. In a store that is not properly lit, it can be hard for consumers to tell the exact colour of clothing, paint and other items and it can also make reading product information rather difficult. Aside from the potential inconvenience to your customers, it can be an eyesore as well. When your customers are walking through your location and there are multiple outages in your lighting, let’s face it, it looks bad.

Joe Lynch Electrical can repair your lighting on an as-needed basis or on a scheduled maintenance plan which can be customized for your building’s specific needs. In addition to lighting repairs, we also offer re-lamping and lighting upgrades which can save you substantially on your electric bill and repair costs as well as brightening up your store. Feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a cost analysis on a lighting upgrade. Often times our customers pay for their upgrade with their energy savings and rebates in the first two years!

Interior lighting can also dramatically change the style and mood of your home or office by highlighting certain areas and fitting softer lights in others, creating a relaxing and homely environment which, in turn, can add a touch of glamour to your home. The effect indoor and outdoor lighting around the home can make is significant in terms of how modern and attractive your house can look.

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