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Understanding Wiring & Rewiring

If your house is older (particularly if it was built before 1950), it may need to be rewired. Before 1950, insulation covering electrical wires was made of cloth. As cloth ages, it deteriorates and becomes brittle. Eventually, cloth may fall off and leave bare uninsulated wires. Uninsulated wires can spark, start fires, or, if touched, cause electrical shocks. Generally, the older the cloth insulation, the more likely the home needs to be rewired. Older electrical wiring can raise safety concerns.

Older homes may also need replacement of their electrical panels. The electrical panel is the box that holds your circuit breakers or fuses which receives power from the electric company and distributes it to all the circuits in your home. Older electrical panels may not provide sufficient power for current homeowners’ needs. The result can be circuit breakers flipping off or fuses blowing.

Older electrical panels can also pose a hidden danger as they may fail to shut off the electricity when power overloads or power leaks occur. The result can be melted wires, sparks, fire, or shock hazard.

Joe Lynch Electrical provide electrical panel upgrades to ensure your home is safe . Getting your home or business rewired can increase it’s value, if your existing wiring is unsafe.

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